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Words from Our Founder

Mrs Remy Amor Oh


The establishment of Whizkids Montessori was a personal endeavor I embarked on in 2007, driven by my passion for educating the young generation in the Philippines. As a Montessori-trained educator, I deeply believed in the Montessori method, particularly for preschoolers, and recognized a gap in early education that needed to be addressed. This conviction became the founding purpose of my school – to equip the younger generation with essential skills and holistic learning experiences, fostering their growth and illuminating their future.


Over the past 16 years, Whiz Kids Montessori Schoolhouse has evolved from a modest beginning with 40 students and a small group of teachers to an institution serving over 600 students supported by a dedicated team of educators and staff. I am immensely grateful to my husband, Mr. Stephen Oh, for his unwavering support in bringing this vision to life and journeying with me. My sincere gratitude goes to all the parents who have entrusted their children's education to Whiz Kids and continue to support us. Lastly, I am especially thankful to God for His continuous guidance throughout this journey.


Today, I confidently affirm that Whiz Kids Montessori fulfills its mission and commitment to delivering top-quality education to the community. Witnessing the daily growth and learning of our students humbles me and inspires my own growth. Though we have come a long way, I believe there is still much to achieve. Let us continue to strive together, nurturing our next generation for a better and brighter future.


Mrs. Remy Amor Oh


Founder's Message

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