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Whiz Access

JUST IN - Whizkids TV Broadcasting Team released its latest coverage for the year! We cover Whizkids earthquake drills during the pandemic, an interview with Yuri Aquino, and our thoughts on Miss Grand International. Let's stay connected with Whiz Access!


Anchors: Kisha Deloso, Jaron Canceran.

Correspondents: Samuel Abuel, Chanelle Ocampo, Dorothea Gamiten, Angela Ocampo, Althea Maqueda, Jherilvin Jarabejo

Scriptwriter: Bianca Brizo

Video Editors: Bianca Brizo, Seiya Kinoshita

Writers: Alyssa Chloie Jalocon, Caitlin Tan, Daniella Maqueda, Louise Vinas, Riley Gonzales, Miskha Matundan, Rheyza Esperanza

Teaching Advisor: Teacher Deanne Guillen

Congrats to the team for putting this together and for their amazing work!



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