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Whizkids Arts Challenge 2020-2021

It's official - we're organising our own Whizkids Arts Challenge on Facebook!

Our Facebook poll last week allowed us to understand better what co-curricular activities our students enjoy...and art came in as an easy first! Because art seems to be so popular amongst our Whizkids students, we decided to create a challenge that would allow them to express themselves. Sign up HERE!

Details can be found in our infographics:

Studies show that art is one of the most fulfilling ways for our children to express themselves, especially during a time like lockdown when they can't meet their friends or go out to play. To deal with the confusion and stresses surrounding families, we chose the theme of gratitude, with the prompt "What are you thankful for during lockdown?" as a means for them to show appreciation for their lives and the people in it. What we also hope from this challenge is that our students have fun and delve into their creative side, with the potential of winning some awesome cash prizes!

All in all, we wish our students and parents well and we can't wait to see everyone's beautiful artwork!


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