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Parents' Guide to Home-based Learning Edition One

As we move into the world of home-based learning (HBL) for your child at Whizkids, we understand that you may have some worries and concerns. This is especially if you and your spouse will be working from home once the school semester starts.

As such, we at Whizkids have created a series of parent handbooks with tips to address some of your frequently asked questions surrounding HBL, in hopes of making your lives easier! Here's a quick look at the cover:

We'll be releasing these handbooks over the next few weeks and months, as different concerns emerge and as our team continues to learn more about HBL ourselves. We hope for your kind understanding and be rest assured that we'll do our best to make this learning journey a smooth one for both you and your child.

To view/download the first edition, click here!

Edit: We've made a slight change as of 04/06/20 3pm.

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